Founded in 1994, our company started by selling home improvement supplies.
Today we are more than that For over 27 years, Decorpita has grown in the most varied contexts. Always with the aim of achieving a unique and distinctive position in the market Today we are a brand with integrated solutions, focused on functionality and design. At present, our company represents the most prestigious brands of construction and decor, with a wide range of products. Aware of the innovations and market trends, Decorpita counts on a motivated team, capable of answering any request from our clients. We invest in personalized service, which makes Decorpita the right partner for any project. Our biggest commitment is to promote excellence, ensuring quality, innovation and naturally, the design. In the same way, we have committed over the last 27 years to create spaces and services that meet our customers’ expectations. We have 1 logistic center and 4 showrooms in order to guarantee proximity to our customers and more than 18.000 products from the most varied segments of the sector.
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